Gas Leak Detection
Addressable Network Systems
The VA201C controller can manage 32 gas
transmitters and 32 relay modules, through two
RS-485 channels, up to 2000 feet of distance
from the controller.• Visual indicators and audible alarm
• 2 or 3 alarm levels
• Programmable time delays
• Failure indicator
• Optional LCD display and keypad
• Up to 32 transmitters and relay modules
• No moving parts
• Trouble-free operation
• Quick self-test and warm-up
• RS-232C transmission port
Vulcain’s sensors’ inherent reliability and stability
characteristics have accounted for the universal
acceptance within a broad spectrum of
commercial and industrial applications.
Catalytic gas sensors are used to detect
hundreds of different fl ammable gases and
vapor concentrations. Toxic gases are detected
through electrochemical cells, while fuel cells are
used for oxygen detection. Moreover, a second
generation of semi-conductor sensors provides
a highly effective solution for a range of different
• Proven sensing technology
• 10-step LED display
• Stand-alone or network confi guration
• Optional 4-20 mA and relay output
• Optional audible alarm and LCD display
• One-man remote calibration
• Field-proven protection
• Innovative and compact case design
• Easy installation and operation
• Full compatibility with VA-201C
Stand- Alone Detectors and Transmitters
The VA-201M provides all the necessary hardware for continuous monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. This unit is primarily "stand alone" and provides alarm - activated relays for simple applications, such as small parking garages.

• Two alarm levels
• 10-step LED display
• 2 high/low DPDT alarm relays
• Audible/visual alarms
• Programmable time delays
• Quick self-test and warm-up
• Calibration status warning
• Innovative and attractive case design
• Simple installation and operation
• Easy field verified caution
• Remote sensor configuration available
• Cost-effective

The VA201R acts as an output to the VA201C. The Relay Module
provides up to 8 relays (DPDT 5A, 30 Vdc or 250 Vac resistive load)
for the indirect activation of fans, louvers, etc at programmable alarm
levels. Since the relay module is an output to the controller it can be
located at any point within the gas detection network.
• Fully compatible with the VA-201C Controller
• Offers either 2, 4 or 8 DPDT relays
• Easy daisy chain installation (RS-485)
• LED visual indication of status next to each relay
Each VA-SQN-8X is equipped with a
built-in noise immune RS-485
communication network providing
the ability to transmit long distances
with the VA-201C controller.
The VA-201C accommodates up to 4
VA-SQN-8X. Features of the VA-201C
controller include:
  - Visual Indicators and audible alarm
  - Multiple alarm levels
  - Programmable time delays
  - LCD display
  - RS-232C transmission port
The VA-SQN-8X Series, with its
unsurpassed network expandability,
offers a cost-effective centralized
Combining state  of the art technology with a rugged explosion-proof housing  the VA-301D analyzes a wide variety  of both toxic and combustible gases to high levels of precision. Engineered to rigorous specifications  the unit is specifically designed to  provide enhanced performance and reliability in the most adverse industrial conditions. 
  - Integrated LCD
  - Secured Non-intrusive calibration
  - Proven sensing technology 
  - Optional Mod communication
  - Calibration port makes for easy maintenance
  - Fail-safe contact closures
  - Optional dual alarm levels
  - 4-20mA analog  output 
  - Explosion-proof housing
  - Optional remote sensing
With an unparalleled reputation for product
innovation, reliability and excellence, Vulcain Inc.
is once again setting industry standards with the
latest generation Infrared CO 2 Gas Monitor
- the 90DM 3 A.
The product of the most rigorous research and
industrial design, the 90DM 3 A, incorporates
Vulcain’s unique infrared sensing technology and
state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled digital
transmission into a CO 2 gas monitor, offering a
level of precision and efficiency second to none.
 - Proven infrared technology
 - Specific CO 2 monitoring
 - Built-in microprocessor
 - Optional relay contact closure (fail safe)
 - 4-20mA or 0-5 Vdc or 0-10 Vdc output
 - Temperature compensation
 - Trouble-free operation
 - No moving parts
 - Menu driven easy calibration
 - Optional 0-2% or 0-5% detection range
The ToxyPoint 2-wire transmitter provides continuous
monitoring for carbon monoxide in ambient
air. Engineered with BW field-proven industrial
sensing and instrument technology, the ToxyPoint
is maintenance-free.
- No calibration, no sensor replacement,
no downtime
- Low initial cost—competitively priced
- Lower electrical and heating bills with high
accuracy (0.5%) electrochemical industrial
 - Security and reliability. Automatic full function
sensor integrity test performed daily and
on activation.
 - Improved air quality (IAQ) with accurate, reliable
detection of carbon monoxide
  - Easy, fast installation. The 2-wire monitor fits
into a standard, single-outlet electrical box.
 2-wire, loop-powered. No extra transformer
required. Power consumption only 50 mA.
 - Avoid tampering. Unobtrusive design with
rugged sintered stainless steel sensor screen.
 - Industrial technology now available to the
commercial market
 - 3 year operational life; 2 year warranty

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